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A host of factors, weather, age, usage and others contribute to the decay of building exteriors and interiors. Sometimes the source of the problem is obvious, other times it’s uncovered only after considerable exploration.

D.C. Byers Company looks at building restoration projects with a critical eye, examining structures closely to identify the underlying causes of deterioration. Our proposals for restoration work include recommendations for resolving any related problems as well as restoring the structure to the desired condition.

The restoration methods we use are determined by the type of materials involved, and of course, the level of damage to the structure. Some jobs require only cleaning and sealing, while others involve repair of mortar joints and/or brick repointing. Still, others call for the replacement of brick or stone in addition to the repair of joints.

Masonry Restoration and Cleaning

Commercial Masonry Restoration

Our experience includes the general restoration and repair of brick, masonry, and stone, as well as the more complex repair of ornate architectural details such as terra cotta, scagliola, and tile. Churches, commercial buildings, governmental and municipal facilities, healthcare institutions and industrial plants are among the primary structures where brick and stone restorations usually occur.

The masonry restoration experts at D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids also offer brick cleaning services. We can return your commercial or industrial space to its former glory using state-of-the-art cleaning technologies.

Commercial Concrete Restoration

Concrete restoration includes the repair or replacement of spalled, cracked or otherwise deteriorated concrete. While some areas of restoration, such as building interiors and exteriors are relatively stable in terms of advancements, concrete restoration is continually evolving. Our technical staff closely follows the development of new materials and methods of concrete restoration.

Commercial Concrete Building Restoration

When it comes to concrete repair and restoration, D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids looks at the factors contributing to the deterioration of the concrete because a thorough understanding of the underlying problems leads to the most satisfying and cost-effective solution.

Restoration of structural concrete can also include gunite/shotcrete, durable cement products that use a minimum of water and are pneumatically placed rather than poured. Gunite/shotcrete can be an economical alternative to the more traditional forms of concrete restoration where there are large areas to be covered.

This unique method of applying concrete is primarily used in building repairs, however, it is also gaining popularity in the restoration of docks and bridges.

Contact the experts at D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids today to discuss your masonry, stone and concrete needs. We look forward to finding a cost-effective solution to all your concrete restoration needs.

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