Waterproofing Grand Rapids MI

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Commercial Waterproofing

D.C. Byers Company is experienced in the design and installation of waterproofing systems for new and existing structures. Exterior structural slabs are particularly susceptible to erosion and deterioration from wear and weather and D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids is an industry leader in the preparation and application of waterproofing materials and membranes.

Waterproofing Membrane

Water intrusion contributes to more structural problems than any other natural element and its presence is not limited to “old” structures. Water can find its way into buildings through cracks, joints, holes, and areas of buildings that have not been properly maintained, causing extensive damage.

A variety of waterproofing methods are used to protect and seal foundations, exterior walls, plazas, and decks in an effort to stop water from invading the structure. Our experience and expertise allow us to correctly assess the type of construction, the potential natural and man-made stresses that can affect the structure and provide the appropriate sealer or coating to eliminate the current and future problems.

Green Roof Installation

D.C. Byers Company/Grand Rapids installs many different types of waterproofing membranes including sheet membranes, cold fluid-applied membranes and hot applied monolithic membranes, and are even well versed in “Green Roof” installations including installing the non-organic portions of these roof systems.

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